‘Why’, it matters

Have you ever been asked to do something by a manager and it felt like a pointless job to you?


For the whole of human existence we have craved meaning. After all, “what is the meaning of life?” is one of the most popular questions asked on Google and AI platforms.


The power of the ‘why’ in leadership and management has the capability to motivate or demotivate your team.


As humans, when we don’t know the purpose behind a task or action, we immediately (and unconsciously) begin to ask questions, usually in our head… The majority of human self-talk will naturally steer towards the negative so without a wider context, there is potential for people to either resist or grudgingly do the task. Ultimately this lack of sharing can unintentionally breed a culture of underperforming.


Positive Psychologists such as Seligman, (2011) and Csikszentmihalyi, (1990) have identified purpose and meaning as the cornerstones of happiness, flow state and a life well-lived. We can use this research to develop our leadership capabilities to create healthier, high performing teams.



Sharing the ‘bigger picture’ (even if this changes) allows others to become invested in it too. The intention behind the task allows the person to have defined goals but also move beyond themselves, stretching their potential which can lead to more impactful results.


On the Elevate programme we use your personality, core values and vision as the foundation to developing your authentic leadership style. By developing your communication and clarity, sharing your ‘why’ will never be easier.


So next time you share a task with someone, take a moment to share your ‘why’. Not only will it deepen your own passion and vision, but you will also reap the rewards as you watch creativity, contribution and development from your team unfold.


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