Complaints Policy

Jarrold Training prides itself on delivering an excellent level of customer service across all areas of the business. If a candidate is not satisfied with the service delivered by Jarrold Training, whether relating to quality of tuition, learning support, course material, access to learning resources, administrative arrangements, facilities or any other reasonable issue, the candidate should raise their complaint with Jarrold Training. The staff at Jarrold Training are committed to discussing the situation in an open and constructive way with the client to achieve a satisfactory resolution.

We encourage and value all feedback from customers, including complaints, and have developed our complaints policy and associated complaints procedure to enhance our broad approach to handling complaints.


We are committed to continuous improvement in our delivery of high-quality training to our clients. We will endeavour to:

  • Make it easy and straightforward for a complaint to be made
  • Endeavor to respond to the complaint within the published timescales
  • Provide the concerned party with updates as necessary
  • Provide a full explanation of the complaint
  • Inform the concerned party of changes made as a result of the complaint
  • Review our Complaints Policy and procedures at regular intervals.


It is encouraged that any client complaints are raised immediately by the client and they will be recorded by Jarrold Training, investigated and corrective action will be taken where deemed appropriate. This will form part of the quality assurance process.

The issue should in the first instance be discussed with the course tutor. It is suggested this should be done on an informal basis. If the customer is not satisfied, the complaint should be addressed to Susie Jarrold the Managing Director, either via a face to face meeting, telephone or in writing.

Any formal complaints will be addressed within 10 working days of receipt. Written communication and notes of conversations will be retained by the centre for 3 years.

Equality and Diversity

Customers have the right to express dissatisfaction with the services they receive from Jarrold training and can expect to be treated fairly and without prejudice or discrimination during the process.

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