Mentors’ Comments

  • “It has been amazing to watch how our Team Leaders have embraced the ILM course. This is an exceptional opportunity that both of these Team Leaders have seized with eagerness, energy and enthusiasm. One of the key commitments is to give this programme 20% of their time each week, this could be seen as a challenge in our fast-paced workplace and the on-going requirements that we all demand of each other. In fact the reality of this has been quite different…….of course the value of the time has been demanding, but more importantly the excitement to learn new things, put them into practice and then document them has outweighed the time consumption.”
  • “It has been rewarding to watch both how our managers confidence grow throughout the training programme so far. They have already demonstrated a greater awareness of their Team’s behaviour, motivational needs and developed a heightened approach of innovation towards business opportunities”

Apprentices’ Comments

  • “I was initially apprehensive about learning as an adult ,but my tutors put me at ease even before my course began! Ellie came to my workplace to introduce the course to me and Elliot has been so engaging. I’ve really enjoyed learning again which is something I never thought I’d say.  I took a lot of value from the course, especially learning about different leadership models. I have been able to put things into practice at work immediately and have definitely reaped the benefits at work”
  • “I really pleased that I decided to take part in this opportunity. Being in the business for 30 years I felt I needed to do something new/different, not job wise but to learn new skills. I have done NVQ’s in the past but nothing as deep and eye opening as this and we have only just started it!I was very cautious about taking this on as it is 20% of our work time but I am lucky that I have a really supportive team who have participated in practical exercises and are also learning with me.So far I have really enjoyed the Insights discovery section – I learnt so much about myself and my team that I didn’t really think about before. I certainly feel that ”learning has taken place”
  • “This is an amazing opportunity for professional development and an honour to be chosen.  Straight away from the first day we were able to use different tools we have learnt with our departments from learning everyone’s insight discovery colour traits to everyone’s preferred learning style. I know my team are also feeling inspired from what I have learn so far.I felt daunted to start with having been out of education for so long but with the support of my mentor, team and tutors I know I can succeed. Thank you.”
  • “Its great to think that although I have been a Team Leader for 27 years I have still been given  the opportunity to have some formal training and to reflect on the way I have been leading my teams throughout the years. Insights discovery has been a great tool for me to know how my team per sieves me and how I now re look at everyone. Never really enjoyed the classroom so is very full on but emotions swing from I get it to I’m not on the same page but then once I have had a cup of tea it all seems to fall into place. I realize I have completed a lot over the 27 years but never realized my strengths/weaknesses and can reflect on these now by going through the course.”

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