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Using Jung’s typology, the Insights Discovery profiling system offers a framework for self-understanding and development which has been utilised and engaged with by thousands of companies and millions of individuals around the world.

Research suggests that a fundamental understanding of self, both strengths and weaknesses, enables individuals to develop effective strategies for interaction that can help them to better respond to the demands of their environment.

After having taken a short on-line session where you will be encouraged to think about yourself from a work perspective and with absolute honesty you will receive your profile during a guided session with one of our Insights Discovery Licensed Practitioners. Generated from several hundred thousand permutations of statements you will receive a unique profile to you. 

Insights Discovery is the perfect model for understanding yourself and how you might be perceived. Within the team environment the system allows us to recognise strengths and preferences of behaviour within each other.

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  • Elliot Symonds

    Business Development & Management Trainer
  • Matt Reed

    Business Development & Management Trainer
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Insights Discovery® Profiles

The Insights Discovery Profile is a practical personal development tool which gives you a powerful insight into yourself and others.

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