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Fri 12 Apr 2019

Here at Jarrold Training we will often employ well known business models on our courses. Who wouldn’t want to know about SWOT or the Johari Window, Kotter’s 8 Steps or Vroom’s Expectancy Theory? While it is extremely useful to understand and apply such models to...

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Insights Discovery and Teacher Training

Tue 19 Sep 2017

Here at Jarrold Training we are very proud to use the Insights Discovery  profiling system. We have three colleagues who are all accredited Licensed Practitioners. While we use the profiles for a range of different courses and training interventions sometimes we can also utilise the...

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Thank you Radio 4

Mon 30 Jan 2017

It was with a certain degree of satisfaction that I listened to Radio 4 at the weekend. I had tuned in to listen to a programme about bi-lateral and multi-lateral trade negotiations. ‘Scintillating’, I hear you all say. With the current political situation focused on...

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How to choose the right coach

Tue 26 Jul 2016

You may not know that Jarrold Training provide an expert range of coaches to provide solutions to specific issues. Whether it be a long term supportive mentor, a shorter intervention over a couple of sessions in regards to a particular business improvement issue or being...

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