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Transformative Leadership and Management Development Solutions

Performance levels across your organisation are directly linked to the capability of your leaders, managers and supervisors. A leadership and management development solution that aligns with your organisational goals and recognises the prior experience of your team will ensure you achieve the organisational and personal impact you are seeking from your investment.

Core Development Pathway


Our leadership and management development solutions are designed specifically to meet the needs of:

  • Business leaders
  • Managers of managers
  • Head of departments
  • Supervisors
  • Individual contributors/technical experts

Additional Courses


A solution designed to meet the contextual needs of your organisation

Fairfax & Favor bespoke management program with Elliot

Using a co-creative process, our programme design team work with you to understand the context of your organisation, the prior experience of your team and their preferred learning styles.

We provide all you need, UK wide, to design, deliver and manage a transformative solution that will move your team forward through the acquisition of knowledge, development of skills and behavioural change.

Transformative learning solutions, designed, delivered and managed

Whether you are looking for a one-off solution, a tailored programme or fully managed solution, we deliver:

  • Customised programmes
  • One-off learning events
  • Course contextualisation
  • Career pathways

How leaders and managers think, communicate and see the future can make all the difference to the success of their organisations.  Whether you choose a bespoke or scheduled course you will experience the difference by learning and developing the techniques and confidence to improve in these three skill areas.

For every course, open or in-company, we will be with you, supporting your learning and application in the workplace, at every step from objective setting all the way to celebrating success.

From frontline to boardroom leaders, our clients discover how to change behaviours in themselves and others to improve team engagement and deliver higher performance.

We believe that it is not just the knowing but the doing that makes the difference.


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