Setting Team Objectives in the Workplace

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Course overview

For organisations, managers, and employees to be successful it is essential that every employee and manager knows what he or she needs to accomplish in the present and future. When employees understand what needs to be done to succeed, it’s much easier for them to contribute. It’s also tremendously easier for managers to do their jobs, to improve productivity, and to manage proactively, rather than waste their time stamping out small fires after the fact. Having clear goals and objectives helps everyone succeed and, bottom line, that’s what we all want.

Setting objectives and goals is a specific management tool that serves four basic functions;

  1. they provide guidance and direction, 
  2. facilitate planning, 
  3. motivate and inspire employees, 
  4. and help organisations evaluate and control performance.

Knowing how to manage and correctly set goals can be highly motivational and increase performance within the workplace.

This course can be taken without the ILM Accreditation. Please contact us for more details.  


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