Change Management

Change management certification is seen as an industry standard by many employers. It’s a simple and easy way to show you understand how to apply change management best-practices to working change initiatives.

Change management training covers the ideas, strategies, and skills that can be applied to manage change effectively. Training generally covers:

  • How to plan for change.
  • How to implement change.
  • How to support continuous improvements after change.

Generic change management best-practice can be applied to any type of change, whether it’s the creation of a new role or migrating to a new piece of software. At this level, change management training helps change managers understand the human response to change and create effective strategies to help achieve individual change.

Change management training and certification also addresses methods specific to a particular type of change. Changes to an IT system, for example, might require a business case for change, relationship building, training for select staff, redesigning business processes, and creating groups to manage the project. Some of these activities apply to other types of change, but this is the basic blueprint for change management technology implementation.

APMG International have developed their Change Management course in collaboration with the Change Management Institute. It is is designed to help organizations and their people manage the impact of change and provide techniques to effectively plan and implement successful transformation initiatives.

Based on the Effective Change Manager’s Handbook and aligned to the Institute’s Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK) the courses explore how change affects, and is affected by, individuals, teams, organizations and change leaders, equipping individuals with the knowledge, theories and techniques to:

  • Unlock resistance to change
  • Provide effective support and motivation to individuals and teams to embrace change
  • Draw from a range of professional approaches to implement change smoothly and effectively
  • Manage and inform key stakeholders throughout the change process
  • Speed up the implementation of change initiatives.

Change Management training courses

We offer the following Change Management qualifications:

Change Management Foundation Online

Change Management Foundation & Practitioner

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