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Our Centre of Excellence for Strategy, Culture and Change

Executing your strategic plan requires more than a one-off fix. It requires an aligned leadership team who are equipped with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to get behind your plan and engage their teams to deliver it. Whether you are at the strategic planning stage, looking to transform or improve operational effectiveness, we can help at the corporate or business unit level.

Engage and inspire your leadership teams with Jarrold Strategy Centre programmes which include:

  • organisational review
  • psychometric testing and evaluation
  • facilitated strategy and innovation workshops
  • ideation and planning events
  • leadership and management development sessions

Transformative solutions that meet the needs of today’s business

We work at the organisation and people levels to achieve a step change in operational and team performance. Our expert practitioners who have over 25 years of experience, achieve this using a combination of innovative facilitation, learning and development methodologies.

We provide all you need, UK wide, to create an environment where your team will work on the business. Building on your mission, vision and values. Your team will examine your organisation through different lenses and with our support determine appropriate ways forward.

Bringing your strategy journey to life

From one-off workshop to full programmes we create an environment where your team will work to successfully transition from where you are to where you want to be. From full change management programmes, to strategic projects and everything in between, we can facilitate you and your teams to look at your business through different lenses.


How we work

Our experience includes working with clients to develop tailored programmes at all levels throughout the organisation, from Board level to leaders and managers. Our facilitators, trainers and coaches will work with you to create a solution that is focussed on your specific situation. It will be relevant to your business, people and goals. Our team will:

  • Seek to listen and understand your situation
  • Work with data and known facts
  • Co-create your solution
  • Deliver your solution
  • Observe the uplift in performance

The above approach will deliver sustainable changes in alignment, understanding and team work, while developing behaviour and skills, driving long term performance improvements.

Recent clients of our bespoke services include BBC, NHS, KLM, Norfolk Constabulary, Certsure LLP, Fairfax & Favor and many more nationwide.

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