The Association for Project Management is the world’s largest professional project management body and is committed to developing and promoting project and programme management through its Five Dimensions of Professionalism.

The association is a registered charity with around 19,500 individual and 500 corporate members making it the largest professional body of its kind in Europe.

As part of its strategy to raise awareness and standards in the profession it is currently in the process of applying for a Royal Charter.
APM’s mission statement is “To provide leadership to the movement of committed organisations and individuals who share our passion for improving project outcomes”.

The Association for Project Management has identified a wide range of topics in their APM Body of Knowledge. The 52 topics will give the project professional a comprehensive grounding in a varied set of subjects. These topics go beyond pure project management areas such as planning into broader areas as varied as procurement and teamwork. They also look at the wider context of projects including programme and portfolio management. APM training courses cover the full breadth of the APM Body of Knowledge.

What is APM Body of Knowledge?

For each of the 52 topics in the APM Body of Knowledge there is an explanation of the topic, relevant definitions and a reading list. The topics are grouped into sections that range from the broad to the specific:

  • Project Management in Context
  • Planning the Strategy
  • Executing the Strategy
  • Techniques
  • Business and Commercial
  • Organisation and Governance
  • People and the Profession.

The APM Body of Knowledge provides an essential and comprehensive base upon which to build a project management career.

What are the benefits of APM?

APM training gives you a breadth of understanding that will complement whatever project management method or development lifecycle you use. It will help you become a project management professional. You will appreciate the wider context of your projects whether they sit in a structured programme or portfolio, are supported by a project office or need a committed sponsor.

You will be able to plan a strategy for your project with stakeholders by looking at the benefits, value, risks and quality dictated by the wider environment.

When executing the strategy you will know how to manage information covering scope, resources, budgets, and earned value while accommodating changes and issues.

You will have experience of a wide range of techniques covering the complete development cycle including requirements & configuration management, estimating, value engineering and testing. When looking at the business and commercial aspects of your project you will be able to include in the business case sales, funding, and procurement without overlooking legal requirements.

When organising the project you will go beyond roles & responsibilities and consider governance – an appropriate lifecycle, complete with reviews, methods & procedures.

Finally your leadership and teamwork will be improved as you consider the behavioural side of the people you work with, helping with their learning and development, dealing with conflict, negotiation & communication.

APM training courses

We offer the following APM qualifications in association with Insights, an Accredited Training Organisation:

APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ)

This 2 day intensive course is designed for all project management personnel including new project managers, project team members and project support staff who require an clear understanding of the fundamentals of project management.

APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ)

This 5 day intermediate level knowledge based qualification is designed for all practising and potential project managers who require an in- depth knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles, tools and techniques for successful project management.

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