Insights Discovery® Profiles

“A moment’s insight can sometimes be worth a life’s experience.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Knowing what makes people tick is one of the vital keys to success in life and business. Insights Discovery Personal Profiles help us to:

  • Understand how and why people respond differently to situations
  • Recognise and value the different approaches
  • Interact more effectively
  • Build lasting productivity and creativity within teams

The Insights Discovery Profile is a practical personal development tool which gives you a powerful insight into yourself and others. Based on the long-standing work of Carl Jung, Insights Discovery describes the fundamental building blocks of human behaviour in four colours.

An online, multiple choice evaluator enables you to provide the information for us to compile your profile. This is written in language which is positive and supportive yet clearly highlights your natural style at work and routes to improved influence and effectiveness.

Insights Discovery is a highly flexible tool with uses including:

  • Personal development and effectiveness
  • Team building
  • Effective leadership styles
  • Increasing sales
  • Change management
  • Problem solving
  • Self, team and organisational motivation
  • Recruitment guidance
  • Conflict resolution
  • Empowerment and engagement

Why Insights Discovery is successful:

  • It uses a simple and memorable colour system that sticks
  • It can provide instant improvements in relationships
  • It is positive and affirmative while highlighting areas for self and team development
  • The framework is continually updated and validated for accuracy
  • The more knowledge and experience of the framework, the more the subtleties of behaviour can be assessed and worked with by the practitioner.How it works


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An in company course is a great option if you have a number of people requiring training, and with more than four people can offer good cost savings.

We are always happy to tailor existing programmes or even work with you to design a course from scratch to meet your specific needs.

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