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The Jarrold Training web site uses cookies to enable features like logon and our booking form (shopping basket) to function within our site. These cookies are considered essential to the operation of the site as significant parts of it will not work properly without them. We don’t exploit these cookies to provide targeted or any other type of external advertising.

Jarrold Training has enabled Google Analytics remarketing, interest and demographic tracking on this website. Remarketing allows us to store website visitors in a marketing list, which we can later use to show relevant adverts to existing visitors who have been added to our remarketing list. Currently, we only display remarketing adverts to visitors on Google’s Display Network, an advertising network of which many websites are members and who may display Google adverts, including remarketing adverts.

At any time, Jarrold Training may display relevant adverts to you on a Google Display Network partner site if you have been added to our remarketing list. Remarketing allows Google and ourselves to serve relevant, tailored adverts based on your past visits to our website. Any data collected is completely confidential, contains no personally-identifiable information, and is used purely in accordance with Google’s privacy policy and our own privacy policy. Users may opt out of the remarketing cookie at any time, simply by visiting Google and viewing your Google Ad Settings, which can access here:

Jarrold Training has also enabled demographic and interest reporting in Google Analytics. Such data provides us only with a sample of visitors’ age bracket, gender and general interests. No personally-identifiable information is stored, and the information reported in Google Analytics is held in the strictest of confidence, other than to be used to help us improve our visitors’ website experience and to help us improve our products and services.

We also use social networking or ‘share’ type buttons which use cookies for various third-party sites including: – See Google’s privacy policy – See the Share This privacy policy – See the comScore privacy policy

These are not essential cookies to our web site, but may provide functionality with social networking sites. Please see the privacy policies of the individual sites concerned.

Cookies can be deleted or blocked by your browser. Find out more about cookies and how to control them.


If you have any questions regarding cookies on the Jarrold Training web site, please contact us.

Last updated, January 2023.

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