Neurodiversity in the Workplace

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Course overview

According to the NHS, around 1 in 7 of the UK population is neurodivergent and with this topic being more widely talked about in society, it is more important than ever that employers include this awareness within their EDIB strategies to support their workforce effectively.  

Important distinctions: 

  • Neurodiversity is the diversity of human brains and minds and amazing and infinite ways our individual minds can process and function.  
  • Neurodivergent means having a brain that functions in a way that diverges from the dominant societal stands of ‘normal’. 
  • Neurotypical means having a style of neurocognitive functioning that falls within the dominant societal standards of ‘normal’.   

A common misconception is that neurodiversity affects intelligence, but this is far from the case. Neurodivergent workers bring many skills and talents to the workplace and building understanding and knowledge of reasonable adjustments will allow your team to thrive even further.   

This course looks at the impact environments can have on individuals, and explores small changes that can be made to improve the workplace.  



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