Excel and Negative Times

Tue 21 Feb 2017

Calculations that result in a negative time cause a problem in Excel, or at least they do with the default settings. This article explains the need for negative times and how to manage these in Excel. Short Answer If you already know how to work with time...

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Thank you Radio 4

Mon 30 Jan 2017

It was with a certain degree of satisfaction that I listened to Radio 4 at the weekend. I had tuned in to listen to a programme about bi-lateral and multi-lateral trade negotiations. ‘Scintillating’, I hear you all say. With the current political situation focused on...

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What’s the Excel 1900 or 1904 Date System?

Mon 22 Aug 2016

An interesting question came into us the other following a course. It was regarding Excel and the 1904 Date System. One of the subjects we cover on our courses is the importance of entering dates in an acceptable form when adding them into a cell....

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Access Training? – Not Quite!

Wed 17 Aug 2016

August is relatively quiet in the Training world and with that comes lower numbers on courses and a different approach to training. This week I’ve had two courses both with only one person on (we really don’t cancel courses unless we have to) and in...

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How to choose the right coach

Tue 26 Jul 2016

You may not know that Jarrold Training provide an expert range of coaches to provide solutions to specific issues. Whether it be a long term supportive mentor, a shorter intervention over a couple of sessions in regards to a particular business improvement issue or being...

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SharePoint – Version History

Wed 16 Sep 2015

Sometimes it helps our understanding of how a product fits in with the way we work by learning how the product evolved. Rarely is evolution purely an accident, a product evolves in response to the way its used and if its not used it wont...

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SharePoint – Do You Need It

Wed 16 Sep 2015

To know whether you need SharePoint, first you need to know what it is and does. When the topic comes up on one of our courses there follows a conversation along these lines…   What is SharePoint SharePoint is Microsoft’s intranet solution for businesses of...

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Humans vs Animals

Wed 16 Sep 2015

Humans share many traits with animals, but there is one behavioural aspect where we undoubtedly have the edge and that is our ability to adapt. Our friends at a well-known zoological society in the East of England are a particularly good source of examples that...

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Creative Cloud Alternatives

Wed 22 Jul 2015

Adobe’s Creative Cloud is probably the best productivity software for designers, the only downsides are cost and for many, complexity. Replicating the whole of Creative Cloud with other products would be difficult and the results harder to work with, however, it is the core desktop applications...

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