"Definitely consider taking this course for a deeper understanding of behavioral trails, tools and techniques to further positively develop professional and personal relationships.

I enjoyed the delivery of the content. It maintained engagement and interest across the 6 week period. Thank you Elliot!

My organisation will benefit by application of the learned techniques to build and maintain trust, and to develop the existing team to further improve productivity."

- ODE Asset Management


"The course has been the highlight of my week. I've learnt so much each week and the thing I like the most is the way this has made me feel about my role.

Every tool is provided to get you set up and the tasks of then applying them throughout the week and then reporting back to the team is helpful.

By taking my new skills and applying them in the workplace, the team are generally feeling better support from management. My confidence is helping me to liase better with the other departments."

- Signwaves Ltd


"I think all people who line manager or work with a wider team should go on this course so they are able to relate / communicate with the other team members.

The self confidence that the course has brought out in me has helped no end. The self awareness that the colour wheel has  improved my communication and how to relate to others.

I found the weekly team support, team building and positively the best thing of this course. Irrespective of the industry we all still have the same issues with managing teams."

- ODE Asset Management


"The team motivation session was great with the color quadrants. I now understand people better.

The course has brought me confidence and is helping me focus on tasks."

- AVM Addenbrookes


"I now have more tools to successfully manager and improve my team. The Insights Discovery has been really useful. I've learnt so much about myself and I can use these skills in all walks of life.

Don't hesitate to do this course. It has been worth every minute!"



"Becky was fantastic, she made everything easy to understand and fun"

- Britannia Fire Ltd


"Excellent content, very well delivered."

- Vaillant


"Very clear and concise in what was presented - good knowledge"

- Vaillant-Group UK Limited


"I found the training really engaging and I think something I will be able to use. I was starting to feel a little bit done by the lunch break, and was not really looking forward to staring the second half, but it was brilliant. I left the day feeling really positive and motivated."



"Great peer to peer coaching skills training. Elliot has great subject knowledge, the content and pace of the training was brilliant and I found it really useful and informative."


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