28 February - 3 April 2020

"I really enjoyed the course as it gave me lots of tools to improve the leadership of my team both downline and upline. Some tools I was already using just from experience and it was good to learn more about them and how to optimise them. I have greatly enjoyed meeting and learning together with fellow attendees through shared experiences via the application reports. The learning and immediate application of the tools, which is a great emphasis of the course, is key to actually improving personally and professionally in the duration of the course, rather than the course just being one that was attended but never really utilised. It not only teaches how to improve self but those around you, be it those in your direct supervision, but all colleagues you work with as demonstrated a few times by fellow attendees.

We started as a class based course and migrated to online via Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s imposed social distancing which in effect did not take away from the learning and experience. We were still able to do our application reports and group discussions. I’m glad it was still continued online in this unprecedented time as it helped me handle managing the team who are all bar one working remotely from home. Our shared experiences of our work environments meant we could pick up different ways of dealing with the current working scenario from the different work and Insights colour perspectives, like how the yellows need more communications via calls and video chats, not just emails as they can seem impersonal, especially that they are stuck home all by themselves when they are the type that actually thrive in groups.

I highly recommend this course for those in leadership roles or hoping to one day be in those roles. Our course leader Matt Reed is awesome in how he presents the material and uses some of his experiences to emphasise the topics and their use. He utilises comedic moments quite well to emphasise some of the lessons in the sessions. I’d still recommend a class based session fully, or for first 3 or 4 sessions and then moving online because you learn a lot more about fellow attendees in person, and online you just continue to build on the rapport you have already established."

- GT Bunning & Sons Ltd


"Really enjoyed the Presentation Skills Training and was surprised by how together we felt as a team during the virtual session! Matt delivered it with passion and knowledge, and that seemed to push everyone on and extinguish any nerves felt by people giving their first presentations. All in all the session was both extremely fun and a great learning opportunity at the same time."

- RFT Services


"I thoroughly enjoyed the Presentation Skills Training delivered by Matt online. It gave us all a safe space to learn, practise and refine our skills. The session was insightful, entertaining  and most importantly transformative. I genuinely recommend this course to anyone looking to build and enhance their speaking ability – be it to a live audience or on a virtual stage."

- RFT Services


"Further to the recent Presentation Skills Training course via Zoom, just wanted to pass my Thanks and Well Done onto you.

I was terrified about presenting in the “Virtual” classroom.  Matt made me feel so relaxed and really enjoyed the whole course.  Matt's presenting was spot on with such a relaxed and fun factor feel all the way through.

I would love to do more courses with Jarrold Training and dare I say, even Virtually 😊"

- RFT Services


"Matt was a great instructor and covered many different aspects of minute / note taking."

- Norfolk & Suffolk Foundation NHS Trust


"Overall excellent course with valuable feedback and support throughout. Charlie was fantastic!"

- Norwich City Football Academy


"Amazing! I have stumbled along with Excel for more than 20 years, never having had any formal instruction. I now understand things I have never understood before - in short, I finally understand what a spreadsheet does and how it works! I know it will be incredibly useful in making me more effective at producing reports."

- Citizens Advice Diss, Thetford & District


"A fantastic course, pitched at just the right level. I was"

- Tiger Eye Consulting Ltd


"The course is well written and well delivered. It engages people and no PowerPoint!

I found the 'How to Structure Brain Storming' the most useful. It never occurred to me that free thinking still needed structure."

- Unity Well Integrity Europe Limited


"The course gave me the opportunity to reflect and actually practice what I had learnt.

A great course and I would highly recommend it to anyone in Leadership & Management."

- Babble Cloud Ltd

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