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An in company course is a great option if you have a number of people requiring training, and with 5 plus people can offer good cost savings. The training can be delivered at your premises on a convenient date for your staff, or here at Jarrold Training if you prefer to take people away from the workplace, to a focused learning environment.

We are always happy to tailor existing programmes or even work with you to design a course from scratch to meet your specific needs. We can integrate company-specific information, systems or procedures into the course to make it more relevant to your work environment and include 1:1 sessions to embed the learning.

It can be an opportunity to bring staff together from different departments or if you need to encourage staff ‘buy in’ to changes that may be happening within your organisation.

Key Benefits of in company training

  • Cost effective for groups
  • Choose a date and venue to suit you
  • Tailored to your requirements
  • Can include 1:1 coaching to embed the learning
  • Team building opportunity

Get in touch with one of our team who will be happy to discuss your requirements and the options, in more detail.

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