Unlocking Success: Embracing the Internal Shift

Let’s talk about something many of us have experienced on our career journey- that sneaky feeling of resistance and self doubt creeping in as we achieve more milestones. It’s like reaching for the stars, only to find ourselves navigating internal self talk that is may compromise our wellbeing, confidence and performance.

I’ve heard countless stories from clients and friends, and it’s become clear that this phenomenon is quite common. When our businesses and careers start elevating, so do the challenges we face. Sure, it’s normal for bigger businesses and senior leadership roles to bring greater challenges, but there is an important line between manageable stress and driving performance to something deeper within us that feels heavy and needs to shift…


Now, don’t get me wrong – handling stress and anxiety is no easy feat, especially for leaders constantly juggling multiple responsibilities.

Many have a go-to method for coping, but as we climb the ladder of success, those practices may slip. Suddenly, we find ourselves faced with internal dialogue that can compromise our self-worth and sustainability of our energy.


So how sustainable is success if it’s not built on a healthy foundation?


Let’s explore the potential outcomes of a compromised foundation:


Option 1: You could end up returning to a safe and familiar, therefore less stressful place, that may compromise your career progression. Almost like an invisible elastic band keeps snapping you back, it can put you into a safety loop that feels good to start with but may end up making you feel resentful and unfulfilled.


Option 2: You continue in your current success, but the constant demands and stress feel like they are slowly draining your energy and passion. It’s like holding a trick Yoga pose; eventually, exhaustion takes over, and you cannot sustain it.


Now, here’s the game-changer – option 3:


Option 3: Cut the elastic band! Dive into the inner work that addresses those core belief systems keeping you stuck in these compromising success loops. This is the turning point that can lead to genuine transformation and limitless possibilities!


When you embrace the internal mindset shifts, develop effective practices and realign with your true self, success becomes a natural extension of who you are. The pressure to “make yourself” do things diminishes, and inspiration and joy flood into your life. Suddenly, the path to deep fulfilment reveals itself, impacting both your personal and professional life.

So, if you find yourself feeling a subtle drain, despite your achievements, it might be time to look deeper. Embrace getting to know yourself, feel the shift and witness how it unlocks the doors to a life filled with boundless possibilities.


How do you define success?

For me, success is not just about what you achieve externally, but about the exploration and transformations that can takes place within.

Embrace your journey, embrace the shift, and let your true potential shine through!

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