To ‘she’ or not to ‘she’, that is the question…

With research showing that mixed-management teams are driving performance, impact and results across the globe; there is no wonder that more women are coming forward and assuming influential roles across a multitude of industries.

When researching and creating Elevate, a new leadership development programme to advance female leaders in business and career; I was torn with using the specific term of ‘women in leadership’.


My inner Hamlet questioned “To ‘she’ or not to ‘she’…



Well niching in the title makes sense as it is exactly who the programme is for after all, but to be honest, a part of me didn’t want to create a barrier in an ever-evolving and more inclusive world by niching in the title. The journey to the top brings its challenges and demands regardless of gender expression and the programme is designed exactly for that. To elevate your authentic leadership style.

However, the more I researched and the more women I spoke to, I realised that by creating a programme that ALSO includes the specific challenges women can face in leadership, opens the doors wider and can contribute to breaking those invisible and often unintentional barriers so many women face in the workplace. Whatever gender expression, we can all grow and lead change in our industries when awareness and information is shared.

The power and strength is in the collective.

When we foster a culture that values a diverse perspective, that values collaboration and leads with a balanced energy, you can leverage the potential in every team member. As a female leader, there may be areas in our workplace that feel different to our male counterparts but when we identify and own these, that is where we can begin to break the cycle.

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