Here at Jarrold Training we will often employ well known business models on our courses.

Who wouldn’t want to know about SWOT or the Johari Window, Kotter’s 8 Steps or Vroom’s Expectancy Theory?

While it is extremely useful to understand and apply such models to enhance your Leadership and Management capability we also encourage delegates to develop their own understanding and take a step up the ladder of cognition to the synthesis stage….which an overly complicated way of saying….invent your own models, based on the learning you have, in order to better understand them and more importantly….apply them in the workplace.

Recently, Elliot Symonds, one of our Corporate Trainers created his own model in regards to Handling Customer Complaints as part of some Customer Service work.

The model he created is called THANK-U.

Thank the customer for the information.

Hear what they have to say in a positive manner.

Acknowledge that the complaint is genuine.

Next steps you are going to take.

Kick off with taking those steps.

Update the customer on the action.

It is a simple mnemonic that links closely with the way we should approach any potentially negative customer feedback. Getting a complaint should be approached in a positive manner, absolutely, every time….for so many reasons, not least that it might help your business or organisation uncover some very real issues of which you might have been unaware previously.

One final thought….if you aren’t saying THANK-U to your customers for bringing such information to you….then what are you saying?

By Elliot at Jarrold Training

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