Print Scaling & Print Titles in Excel

Excel is one of those products that back in the mid nineties was used a lot by accountants, however these days it’s used by just about everyone at every level of every business. Also, during the current time of enforced home working and travel restrictions due to COVID-19, it is time we can spend usefully by learning a little bit of something every day.  So why not blend the two and learn a bit about Excel!

One of the topics covered on our Excel Introduction course is printing, but many people skip this and come straight on the Excel Intermediate course. Often this is fine as people have been using Excel for years, but one of the topics that gets missed along the way seems to be printing and specifically using Page Break Preview and the Print Title feature.

Why not spend a few minutes watching our video, and if you find you know all the content, that’s great, but I bet you’ll know someone that doesn’t, so send them this way!

I know that we’re heading towards a paperless world, but while we’re on that journey, plenty of people need (want) to print out information for distribution and reference, so I hope this has helped a little.

by Charlie at Jarrold Training

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