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Here at Jarrold Training we are very proud to use the Insights Discovery  profiling system. We have three colleagues who are all accredited Licensed Practitioners.

While we use the profiles for a range of different courses and training interventions sometimes we can also utilise the theory and learning behind them in larger events. One such event happened in early September 2017 where I was able to work with Framingham Earl High School and the teachers and staff there during their two days of training before term started again.

I had been asked, as part of the work I do as an Enterprise Adviser with Norfolk County Council and the school, to provide a ‘motivational and engaging session to aid communication and understanding’ and to do this within 3 hours. To put it frankly, there is no better system that I have come across in over 25 years of experience in the commercial and training world than Insights Discovery to meet this brief.

Below you can see a press release from Norfolk County Council about the event which gives some ‘insight’ into what Insights Discovery could provide to you and your organisation.

Inspirational Enterprise Adviser Delivers Staff CPD Session

On Monday 4th September, to kick off the new term and invigorate staff members at Framingham Earl High School, their Enterprise Adviser Elliot Symonds, delivered a complementary, high energy ‘Insights Discovery’ workshop, based on the practices of Carl Jung and Jolande Jacobi. Elliot, is a trainer and coach for Jarrold Training in Norwich as well as Business Development Manager, so is ideally placed as an Enterprise Adviser for the school.

The workshop was designed to enhance the staff’s personal awareness about the way they work and their approach to everyday situations. Along with this, it aimed to give them a deeper insight into the preferences of other team members and colleagues, equipping them with effective communication skills and management strategies to get the best out of every interaction.

The first activity saw staff given 4 cards with unique personality attributes and linked to one of four colours. Each staff member had to present other members of staff with a card they thought thoroughly described that person. After that exercise which outlined how individuals might be perceived, staff were asked to complete a ‘stepping exercise’. With a packed hall, staff were given various couplets of personality preferences and asked to step based on their own personal view. Right towards more extroverted ‘attitudes’ and left for introversion, then forward for a ‘thinking function’ and backwards for a ‘feeling function’. After lots of stepping sideways, backwards and forward in response to the various personal attributes listed, staff were placed in four colour groups depicting their personality preference.

Headteacher, Nicola Furneaux said “What a brilliant way to start the school year! This session gave us plenty to think about, particularly regarding how we get the best out of each other. We seem to be a very colourful staff – with a great balance of approaches and styles. Thank-you to Elliot, for giving us such a high-energy session.”

Elliot Symonds said “It was an absolute pleasure to work with such a dedicated group of professionals during their staff training day. Having about sixty members of staff and running these exercises was incredibly powerful as the personality preferences became clearly represented within the Assembly Hall.’

You can read more about Insights Discovery from links on the home page.

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By Elliot at Jarrold Training

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