ILM assignment joy

So….it is probably not the most associated set of words. ILM, assignment and joy…but that is very much what I felt when marking a paper today.

Here at Jarrold Training we are an awarding centre at both ILM level 3 and ILM level 5 for our Leadership & Management courses. We have employed members of the team who mark your paper. We don’t send them off to be assessed by someone who has never met you.

Delegates do not have to complete the assignments in order to take our courses, but then they do, most of them come back to me and say they have enjoyed the process. It can seem daunting at first. We recognise that. That is why we offer additional sessions to support our delegates in writing the assignments. These take the form of seminars to truly understand where assessors are ‘coming from’ when they mark a criteria based assignment within the constraints of Bloom’s Taxonomy, to one to one coaching support and specific feedback on drafts. Many people say it is quite valuable to have some time with the person who will actually be marking your work.

However, the real joy, comes for me when I have assessed an assignment that truly proves just how good the structure of the ILM questions are. When a delegate uses the assignment as a template to scrutinise their business and develop a response which is a powerful piece of business writing, it does bring me genuine pleasure.

Today was one of those moments. An ILM level 5 assignment analysing and opportunity for innovation within a well known East Anglian business. Generating a business case aligned to company values and stakeholder expectations. Evaluating several potential options for change and recommending the best one with a plan for implementation and communication. The ILM assignment provides the structured question, Bloom’s Taxonomy the depth, Jarrold Training’s course the direction and the delegate themselves the insightful punch.

To be able to gain a recognised qualification which sits within the QCF AND to be able to provide your organisation with a compelling piece of business writing, seems to be a win win scenario to me….and on several occasions I get to be genuinely moved to joy from marking a paper.

By Elliot at Jarrold Training

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