Virtual / Remote Training with Jarrold Training

Being able to join a meeting or attend training from anywhere is a liberating experience. You can be anywhere you feel comfortable or is convenient, especially during this difficult time for our home and work lives.

We understand that if you’ve never worked like this, or worse, you’ve tried and it didn’t work, then questions like: Do I have the right equipment? or What if I don’t have enough technical knowledge? may come up. We are using Zoom as our platform and there are some basic requirements (see below), but it is not complicated and we are here to help.

Remote training is just as productive and makes some things possible that wouldn’t work in a classroom-based course. For example, during one of our recent Management training sessions a customer shared their screen to show how Microsoft Planner neatly provided a solution to an organisational issue. All members of the group then benefit from this knowledge, which wouldn’t have been as easily explained in words to the same group sitting around a table in our Conference room.

We could always do a quick test before the training so you can see it working, just email us on and see if one of us is free!

We are running remote courses on the Zoom platform, which has very few technical requirements and is simple to use.

Joining a Course
Zoom uses the term ‘meeting’ and all that’s required is the meeting ID, but usually you will receive an email with all the details and a simple link to join the meeting.
Zoom has a joining a meeting video showing what this looks like.

About Zoom
When clicking the link to join a meeting it will prompt to download the Zoom client application. Follow the on-screen instructions to get setup, it only takes about a minute.
No registration is required, although it asks you for a name to display during the meeting.

Attendee Requirements
There are some basic requirements for remote training, and it depends on the course as to what these are, however everyone will need:
• Computer with a webcam and microphone (the ones built into laptops are fine)
• Reasonable internet connection (about 1Mbps available bandwidth each way)

Additional Requirements for IT Courses
• Relevant software installed on the computer
• Course files on the computer
These are generally very small and can be emailed, however, larger files will be made available for download or by special arrangement.
• Second screen (optional, but it makes for a better experience)

For further enquires, please email us on

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