Join Us on Teams

Teams is the preferred platform for many of our existing customers. If you already use Teams for internal communications then you’ll have no problem joining one of our courses.

If you haven’t used Teams before then have a look at the guidelines below and remember you can always ask us questions.

Attendee Requirements

Everyone will need:

  • Computer with a webcam
    USB plugin webcams are the best option, built-in webcams will work OK
  • Microphone & Speakers
    Mobile phone or other headsets are great, the ones built into laptops will work OK
  • Internet connection
    You don’t need high speeds, just check it works – see below

Test Teams

Joining a Course

We’ll send you an email (normally the day before) with all the details including a link to join the course, Teams calls it a meeting.

  • Click the join the meeting link
    Follow the onscreen instructions to choose one of the following options.

    • Download the Windows Appbest option if it’s not already installed
    • Continue on this browserEdge or Chrome supported
    • Open your Teams appif you have Teams already installed

Additional Requirements for IT Courses

  • Relevant software installed on the computer
  • Course files on the computer
    These are generally very small and can be emailed, however, larger files will be made available for download or by special arrangement.
  • Second screen (optional, but it makes for a better experience)

Get in touch

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