Join Us on Zoom

We are running a majority of remote courses on the Zoom platform, which has very few technical requirements and is simple to use.

We do appreciate that all organisations are different, and we can run courses on alternative platforms if required.

Attendee Requirements

Everyone will need:

  • Computer with a webcam
    USB plugin webcams are the best option, built-in webcams will work OK
  • Microphone & Speakers
    Mobile phone or other headsets are great, the ones built into laptops will work OK
  • Internet connection
    You don’t need high speeds, just check it works – see below

Additional Requirements for IT Courses

  • Relevant software installed on the computer
  • Course files on the computer
    These are generally very small and can be emailed, however, larger files will be made available for download or by special arrangement.
  • Second screen (optional, but it makes for a better experience)

Testing it Works

  • Visit
    Join a test meeting and you’ll be prompted to download the Zoom client application
    Continue to follow the onscreen instructions to test your video and audio
  • Test with us directly
    Email to setup a test meeting with one of us

Joining a Course

We’ll send you an email (normally the day before) with all the details including a link to join the course, Zoom calls it a meeting.

  • Click the join meeting link
    Follow the onscreen instructions (see below for more information)

Zoom Client Application

When clicking the link to join a meeting (test or real) it will prompt to download the Zoom client application, this only needs to be done once. Follow the on-screen instructions to get setup, it takes about a minute. No registration is required, although it asks you for a name to display during the meeting.

Zoom Security

Here is what we do help keep you safe from unwanted people while using Zoom.

  • The meeting link is generally created and sent out the day before the course – this reduces the likely hood of it being discovered by people scanning for meetings
  • All meetings require a password
  • We use the ‘Waiting Room’ feature to stop anyone simply joining the meeting automatically
  • The meeting is locked once everyone has arrived, stopping anyone else joining
  • We don’t allow dial-in guests as different rules apply for passwords
  • Our small group sizes maintains quality and means we know exactly who should be in the meeting

Get in touch

+441603 677107