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International Insights Discovery Profiles

As many of you will know Jarrold Training are a proud partner and large distributor of the Insights Discovery profiling system.

We utilise Insights Discovery, on many of our courses, to investigate and explain people’s preferences and behaviours from a Jungian perspective, but expressed with colours.

Recently we have been doing a lot of work with Life Fitness, a division of Brunswick Corporation, and have taken the Insights Discovery system internationally with them. Life Fitness have been running courses for senior managers in Chicago as well as in Europe, with each manager conducting an on-line evaluator before their course to generate their own unique profile.

You might not know but we can translate the profiles into over 31 different languages. For Life Fitness this became invaluable. Whilst the commercial language of the parent company is English, being such a multi-cultural organisation, managers might not have English as their first, or preferred language. With Insights Discovery, being able to create the profile in a language of their choice, it can help with the subtle nuances often needed to gain a deeper understanding of self, whilst still expressing the results in the same colour system common to all.

We thought you might like to see what the Insights Discovery colour wheel looks like in Hungarian and Japanese.


See…exactly the same…just translated. The really important parts though are the other 19 pages in the first choice language (which we can’t reveal because it is unique to the person who undertook the profile).

We’d be delighted to help you and your colleagues gain a understanding of each other using this well-established framework in any language of their choice.

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Insights Discovery Profiles

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