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For me choosing NEBOSH just made sense!

NEBOSH recently spoke to our delegate Jake Crabb who is at the very start of his health and safety career. Jake explains why, for him, choosing NEBOSH qualifications just made sense!

Can you tell us a little about yourself Jake?

I’m Jake, I am 24 and I am currently a social media and video content creator. I have a bachelor’s degree in Film and Television Production which I completed at Edge Hill University in the North West of England.

2020 was a challenging year for us all but I understand you managed to complete the NEBOSH General Certificate. How did this come about and why did you choose this qualification specifically?

At the start of the pandemic, I was furloughed by my employer. After a few weeks at home, I decided I wanted to use the unexpected downtime wisely to gain new skills and knowledge. I had been considering studying NEBOSH qualifications for a few years, so they were top of my potentials list. My Dad and I have discussed their value several times over the last few years, and he always encouraged me to try and take one as he knows they are respected qualifications. Being furloughed provided me with a perfect opportunity to get on and do it!

As this was my first major venture into the world of health and safety, I decided the National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety was the best choice for me. It was clear from my research that this qualification is widely recognised and I hoped it would open numerous possible avenues to take my career in the future.

How did you complete your studies and how did you find this?

Fortunately, I was lucky enough to complete my learning in the classroom with Jarrold Training who are a fantastic NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there were only four learners and the tutor in the classroom throughout the 2-week course, but I think this worked to our advantage. As it was such a small group, we were able to talk more openly, bounce ideas off each other and spend quality time with the tutor. I think this helped me pick up the subject knowledge quicker and better understand it too. My learning experience was great.

How did you find the assessment?

We were one of the first cohorts to take the newly introduced open book examination. Unlike the other people I had studied with, I had no significant health and safety experience before starting the course, so even after two weeks in the classroom and extensive self-learning I still found it challenging.  I was unsure if I was on the right track at times, but I persevered.

Both elements of the assessment (open book examination and practical) provided a great opportunity to put the things I had learnt into practice and helped bring everything together for me. I was so proud when my results arrived, and I found out I had passed.

How do you plan to put your NEBOSH General Certificate to good use?

I really enjoyed my course and it confirmed to me that this is something I would like to do as a career. Now that I am NEBOSH qualified, I want to utilise the knowledge I have gained and am actively seeking opportunities to do this.  Gaining practical experience will help to enhance and develop my skills and build my confidence.

What is next for you, in terms of your professional development?

Before I embark on further study, I first want to gain some more practical experience. My main target is to find a position which includes some health and safety responsibilities so that I can practice what I have learnt on the job and keep developing.  Once I have begun working within the health and safety sector, I plan to start studying the NEBOSH diploma, but I think it is wise to gain some occupational experience before taking that step.

What are your long-term career aspirations?

By passing my NEBOSH General Certificate, I feel a whole new world of opportunity has opened to me. One possibility I am considering is following in my Dad’s footsteps and looking for opportunities in the offshore energy industry where health and safety is of vital importance.

I suppose my ideal would be to combine my loves of television and film and health and safety and become a health and safety professional in the film or television industry!  To me this is one of the great things about health and safety. All industries need health and safety expertise, which creates a varied range of opportunities and the potential to find one that matches your wider interests!

At this stage, I am unsure of exactly how I want my long-term career to pan out, I am just very excited to take the first step into occupational health and safety.

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