Executive coaching

Executive Coaching provides a highly personalised and effective personal development strategy. A constructive coaching dialogue will challenge and support the individual to remove barriers to development, and clarify thinking and direction. Coaching can bring out the skills and abilities that are within us, to manage the challenges we are facing and to take us where we want to go.

Five reasons for using this approach

  • My business or role is changing and I need a new approach to navigate the challenges
  • I know where I want to get to but there are too many barriers that are frustrating me
  • I need to be clearer in my thinking but I find there is some unhelpful ‘noise’ within
  • My current performance is holding me and others back
  • I need support to develop and communicate my vision and view of the future

If you can associate with any of these statements, then working with an Executive Coach can help you work towards solutions.


The client and coach meet to ensure the ‘chemistry’ is right to allow an open and honest dialogue and one which provides the right level of challenge and support. We offer this initial meeting with no obligation. Initial objectives or areas of focus are then considered, agreed and recorded and the programme will typically comprise around four to eight sessions over an agreed timescale. Psychological profiling tools such as Insights Discovery ® Profile, or a 360 survey can be included if required.

Effective coaching can be characterised by

  • Careful attention to privacy, confidentiality and trust
  • Perceptive listening by the coach with thoughtful clarification
  • Skillful development of action plans drawing on other development option
  • Unconditional positive regard and development support throughout your coaching

Coaching premise

  • The coach’s primary objective is to raise the performance of their client
  • The client chooses the focus of work and the areas of interest
  • The coach is there to assist in developing self-awareness and development strategies
  • The process is a partnership which relies on trust, honesty and realism
  • The coach is not a provider of solutions or rescuer, but a lens through which direction and focus become clearer
  • The coach’s role includes challenging clients to deliver beyond the limit of their current self-belief
  • The coach also builds the client’s capacity to manage themselves in tough situations
  • Action that delivers improved performance remains with the client
  • Ultimately, success is being ourselves at our very best

Our coaches

We have a range of experienced and qualified coaches from different industry sectors and with different areas of expertise. Do get in touch to find out more information and to discuss your requirements.

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