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Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Stephen is a Specialist Nurse in the Supportive and Palliative Care Team caring for patients with life limiting conditions as well as those with more advanced disease, including those at the end of their life. They are a small team of 5 nurses and one consultant. There is also another doctor and a team administrator. All nurses, the consultant and administrator attended the workshop.

When asked why he chose Insights Discovery with Jarrold Training, Stephen said that he had undertaken Insights previously and proposed that this would make a fun and interactive, yet insightful and beneficial activity for the afternoon of the team away day. He sees the team as being very complimentary with their skills but as he has used his profile for many years, he saw it as being very beneficial for the whole team to do it.

Stephen searched online for providers and compared a few companies including Insights and found Jarrold Training to be competitively priced and amenable to a pre workshop conversation to ensure the session met the intended outcomes.

Stephen found that his profile had changed slightly since his earlier profile and it was really interesting to see the development.

Stephen, what impressed you the most about your Insights Discovery workshop?

This time it was with very different colleagues and dynamics to the previous time. I like how we work together most of the time, as you would expect, we are an empathetic team and we are accepting of differences, but we don’t always understand them. Our work includes some simple psychological and emotional work which we carry out in our own different styles, within certain frameworks. The most fascinating thing was learning how other people do think and feel and the thought processes and drivers below their actions were very interesting. It was also very joyous watching people recognise themselves in their profiles.

Do you have plans to further embed Insights Discovery?

Yes I want to over time, I haven’t planned anything as yet but I want to do a follow up and some further work. I want to work with the team to see if they identify changes in practice, interactions in the team and understanding of each other. I would appreciate any pointers and ideas for follow up review work, to help to embed/bring out the learning.
What impact have you seen since staff completed their profiles and participated in the workshop?
It’s difficult to gauge due to the extent of Annual Leave at present, potentially there have been some small things. I have seen in myself some changes in my interactions with colleagues. I feel that the session led to some courageous conversations (real red streaks shone through) both within and after the session, some great, honest communication. Perceptions of self and others have really become enhanced.

Has undertaking an Insights Discovery workshop highlighted any further training that you wish to explore?

Not at this stage, just continuing with Insights and planning a follow up and it may lead to other things, who knows. It has been enlightening to learn that not all things about us are visible to ourselves!

Would you recommend Insights Discovery with Jarrold Training to others?

Definitely! The day was really well delivered. The facilitation was really good, it was enjoyable and informative, a lot of fun and has given us a better understanding of each other.

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