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Insights Discovery has allowed our team to tailor their interactions to the individual

OBN is a life sciences member organisation which provides quality networking opportunities for UK life sciences companies. Collaboration and communication is at the company’s core. We recently spoke to Stuart Rose, CEO of OBN to learn more about the company’s approach to training and his experiences of working with us.

Why did OBN first get in touch with Jarrold Training?

I had used Insights Discovery training before in a previous business and it always struck me as a particularly helpful tool. After looking around for a provider, I chose Jarrold Training because the organisation aligned well with our own business values. Jarrold Training’s staff are experienced, trusted and tailor their services to our needs.

When I first made contact through the website, I got a quick response and I was asked pertinent, intelligent questions, which gave me the impression that the team take the time to understand their clients’ needs properly. This is really important to us at OBN, and Jarrold Training absolutely ticks that box.

What impressed you most about the Insights Discovery training?

All of our employees took part in the Insights Discovery programme and it was absolutely the right decision for our organisation. What has impressed me the most is that it has allowed our team to tailor their interactions to the individual and become more aware of how differences in people’s personality type warrants differences in approach.

It was great to also see our team enjoy the experience and the journey Insights Discovery takes them on. It is quite remarkable how accurate the reports are based on such a short online questionnaire – Insights Discovery really does paint an accurate picture of your personality.

Do you have plans to further embed Insights Discovery learning?

Every new employee that starts with us has their colour profile completed. In our new Annual Review process the importance of understanding others is reflected on in the competencies section, and Insights Discovery gives us the universal language to help with that understanding.

Would you recommend Jarrold Training to others?

Our journey with Jarrold Training is just beginning but the breadth of services that they offer, their close alignment with our culture and their access to highly experienced trainers makes them the ideal learning and development partner for OBN.

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