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Want to be Cyber Secure? Secure your spot on our new courses!

Jarrold Training is excited to announce that this July three new Cyber Security courses will start, which will be running in association with CyberScale.

Cyber security is now a real concern for every business. Almost half of all organisations in the UK suffer Cyber Security breaches each year, often leading to Personal Data Breaches, business interruption, financial loss and reputational damage.

Who can really say, nowadays, that their business is not relying on a smart device, being it a PC or cloud-based system? Even smaller businesses need to hold customer data, employee information or product design. All these pieces of data can be of interest to cyber criminals and being aware about which threats are posed in a cyber-world will help protect your business information, digital assets and intellectual property.

Here is an example, extracted from Cyber Security Case Studies©: in 2015, it was disclosed that the hotel chain ‘Hilton Hotels & Resorts’ was the victim of an attack that infiltrated POS terminals, giving hackers access to 360,000 customers’ credit card information enabling them to shop with their victims’ details…quite scary, isn’t it?

Darren Chapman, the trainer of the Information Security courses, will help you understand how to implement a strategy to prevent facing a similar situation.

Darren is the Director and Principal Security Consultant of CyberScale. He has been working in IT for over 20 years and he performed a number of technical, consulting and management roles for large and small companies, with a focus both Security and User Experience. In 2017 Darren gained a CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), the most sought after qualification in the field of Information Security.

The key concept of the three courses that Darren has designed is that Cyber Security is not an IT issue, but a business problem that needs visibility at board level…from director level understanding and buy-in, through to the managers responsible for implementing the plan and staff awareness to uphold and maintain the processes put in place.

Jarrold Training is offering a training path to being cyber secure from the top down, divided in the following courses:

  • Cyber Security for Business Owners & Leaders, offering business owners and senior leaders the knowledge to create a Cyber Security strategy appropriate for their business.
  • Preparing for Cyber Essentials Accreditation, providing IT managers and staff the background and assessment criteria of Cyber Essentials, a Government-backed, industry-supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common online threats.
  • Cyber Security Staff Awareness, giving non-technical staff the knowledge and tools to prevent the risks posed by Cyber Criminals and fraudsters, both at work and at home.

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