Online Exams

Many of our accredited exams are available online, several using the same ‘Surpass’ system.


Is it the same as the classroom exam?

The exam questions are in the same essay format and you still have a choice of 10 from a total of 16 possible questions. The marking scheme is unchanged too, still list and describe, explain, state and determine type questions. The main difference is the answers are typed into an online form, so if like most people, your hand is aching after just 1 hour of writing, then you’ll probably prefer this option!

How will APM invigilate the exam?

The exam is invigilated remotely using a combination of a microphone, webcam and an additional camera run through an app on a mobile device (phone or tablet). No software installation is required, however their Google Chrome browser extension must be added and so Chrome is the only supported option. The APM advise that the exam may not run on a corporate PC unless you have admin rights. As with classroom exams, you will need photo ID to present to the camera.

An overview of what’s involved can be seen in the video below

We strongly recommend testing your system in advance and you will get an email from the exam service 36 hours before the exam. This way you know that at the time of your exam all the technology will work and you can focus on the questions.

Where do I go for technical support?

If the test is not working then the best approach is to contact the APM qualifications team and they will investigate the problems for you. If you require technical support during the exam look for ‘We Are Here!’ live chat support option in the bottom right corner of the screen.

What do I need to do to setup my system?

There are quite a few steps to be aware of and the following video gives a detailed overview of what’s required.

 How do I book the online APM PMQ Exam?

For now, the APM is asking that training providers book and schedule the exam. We are planning to give you a selection of dates on which you can take the exam. One will be the time you would have taken the exam on a traditional classroom course (typically Friday afternoon for an APM PMQ course). The other will be the following week, to give you time to prepare. This second option might be in the evening to accommodate people with child care commitments.

What happens if I need extra time of reasonable accommodation or a scribe in the room?

This can be arranged as it is with a paper exam, but needs suitable medical evidence to be submitted to the APM in good time before the exam. Typically we would recommend the medical evidence be submitted at least 10 days before the exam.

What environment do I need to take the exam?

To take the exam you will need an ‘exam conditions’ room where you can concentrate for 3 hours without interruption. The room should be silent during the exam and you cannot use books, notes, mobile phones or other devices during the exam. If you really need to then you can go to the toilet.

When will I get my results

The results will come out 10 weeks after the completion of the exam as with normal APM PMQ results.

Next Steps

If you have an exam coming up with Jarrold Training or one of our partner organisations, then please test your equipment in good time and contact us if you have any questions.

Download the user guide here:

You can download the full APM PMQ Online Exam user guide.




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