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Virtual Instructor Led Training has been a success for us, see below for some of our customers’ thoughts.

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Our own feedback form also captures fantastic comments from people who have attended our courses. All the responses below have been collected since the Covid-19 lock down started and relate exclusively to training delivered online.


  • Norwich City Football AcademyAdvanced Excel Level 1
    Overall excellent course with valuable feedback and support throughout. Charlie was fantastic!


  • Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation NHS Trus – Minute Taking
    Matt was a great instructor and covered many different aspects of minute /  note taking.
  • RFT ServicesPresentation Skills
    Matt is a very competent tutor of this course, he is knowledgeable and passes on some very key skills and he has certainly improved my understanding of how to conduct a professional presentation.
  • RFT ServicesPresentation Skills
    Matt was an excellent instructor who engaged everyone on the course making it enjoyable whilst getting lots of very good points across. I learned a lot from this course.
  • Flagship GroupPresentation Skills
    I thoroughly enjoyed Matt’s session, I thought remote training really worked well. I was engaged the whole way through, with lots of light hearted smiles and laughter. I thought the content was very informative. I really liked how we had a chance to present ourselves to put in place what we had learnt and also to receive feedback too. Overall great training.
  • RFT ServicesPresentation Skills
    First ever “Zoom Training Course”. Matt made us all feel very relaxed, great sense of humour, great at explaining and giving real examples on content.
  • RFT ServicesPresentation Skills
    I thought the course was full of content, and the trainer was brilliant! I really enjoyed the course and have taken so much away from the course. This was the first presentation I had to write and give and attending the course has now helped me to move forward with how to produce a presentation.
  • Norwich City Football CubExcel Intermediate
    Great course, learnt a lot.
  • Flagship GroupPresentation Skills
    The course was presented through Zoom. I was a bit apprehensive about doing the course online. Once the course was completed i actually think it was a better way of receiving training rather than through class room learning.
  • RFT/Flagship GroupPresentation Skills
    Really enjoyed the training!
  • RFT – Presentation Skills
    Matt makes a note of your learning objectives at the start and addresses them throughout the course, he manages to keep everyone engaged – even the ones who thought they didn’t need the training. Lots of personal experiences to relate to and content wasn’t hard to digest.
  • Crisp Maltings – Time Management
    I really enjoyed this online course. I feel that the course was delivered as perfectly as it would be in a classroom. Before the course, I wondered whether we would miss out on some aspects of classroom based learning i.e. group exercises, but this was all accommodated on the course and worked brilliantly! I would highly recommend!
  • Flagship GroupPresentation Skills
    Very useful tips and suggestions – Matt was very entertaining and delivered the course amazingly given the circumstances!


  • Dereham Neatherd High SchoolExcel Introduction
    I really thought that Zoom worked well for this course. Particularly as we were a small group. This would be my preference for any courses which I might like to do in the future.
  • Gerhard HornExcel Intermediate
    Trainer answered all questions and queries friendly, patient and knowledgeable.
  • Gerhard HornExcel Introduction
    Virtual training was enjoyable, and did not feel strange doing it a different way.
  • Litcham SchoolExcel Intermediate
    I enjoyed the course, even though it was very new way of training for me; online using Zoom. I am used to classroom training but very grateful that the online was offered. I hopefully will be able to put my skills to good use in my job very soon.


  • Norwich Housing SocietyTime Management
    I found the course very interesting and useful and I’m sure I will be able to use some of the techniques to improve my time management. It was a bit intense due to only having a small amount of participants (nowhere to hide, in other words) but you made a very successful session out of it. These days Zooming has become a regular feature of office working and I find the hour long meetings that we have somewhat difficult… So I was not relishing a whole day’s Zooming at all.
    However, the course was well broken up into segments and to be honest, the time flew by. This was mainly because you knew your stuff, delivered it professionally and interestingly so that it was no effort at all to be engaged and focused on task .
    Super stuff!!!! Highly recommended. 5 star!!!
  • GT BunningForefront – Team Leader Development
    I’m glad to have been on this course as I can personally say I have learnt a lot about myself and the tools to help me be a better manager. I think it should be highly recommended for everyone doing the course to do the assignments even if they did not want to submit them and get the Level 3 ILM certification because it reinforces a lot if not all the tools and techniques they have learnt. That’s what I’ve come to realise through the process of completing the assignments, as it made me consider how we are doing things now, how much we’ve improved, and how much more we can do to keep improving as manager and team. I guess they gain a lot more only if they are personally writing rather just copying someone else’s work with no effort put into it.Thanks once again to you and Matt for all your tutelage and help. Your breakdown of the assessment criteria on YouTube has been extensively used and majorly helpful in completing the assignments.
    I have been able to have an effective working team through the COVID-19 pandemic even with the remote working, and able to stay ahead of the required dates for the designs. The few we could not meet their dates were mostly because of things beyond our control. I’m not going to lie, it has not been easy to adjust to the changed work conditions but we’ve managed to make it work in part because most of us are Cool Blues and 2 are Earthy Greens who have been quite involved in helping the workshop. I just need to learn to be a bit more stubborn and firm in saying no to interruptions when I’m working major tasks!
  • British Pipeline AssociationTime Management
    The course was informative, gave me great ideas on how to make better use of my time. I wondered if the course would be as effective with it being virtual but the course was structured well. The trainer was engaging and made the course fun and interesting. He provided us with great ideas how to use his techniques in our day to day roles.


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