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Congratulations to our Team Leader Apprentices

ILM Accreditation logoCongratulations to our recent cohort of Team Leader Apprentices, who have all passed both their Team Leader Supervisor Level 3 Apprenticeship and the additional ILM Level 3 Diploma in Leadership & Management. Many have achieved a “distinction” mark, and some have been promoted to higher management positions within their organisation. This group of enthusiastic Managers and Team leaders have been on a journey of personal growth together from various starting points in terms of experience.

While the content and depth of the course did seem daunting at times, the rewards for the apprentices were huge. Not only achieving academic knowledge, but real workplace confidence and skills. They embedded these into their everyday working life, achieving great benefits for themselves, their teams and their organisation.

The course covers key aspects of leadership and management including:

  • Building effective teams
  • Leading and managing people
  • Coaching and training
  • Managing self-including effective time management and planning of work
  • Getting the best from individuals
  • Handling conflict and challenging conversations
  • Managing projects
  • Effective communication
  • Giving effective feedback
  • Managing budgets

We are so happy with the positive feedback that we have had from the learners. They really felt they benefitted from superb training and support during the 18-month course, giving comments such as:

“The training programme was very in depth but really made me step back and analyse on how my performance can and will help my overall teams’ performance”


“I have tried to use everything that we have studied in work and this has improved my relationship with my teams and helped me to define the correct working practices for me to succeed at work. I have mostly benefited from the work we did on leadership styles, helping me to be the leader my team needs”


“The training has helped with tricky situations, such as performance management and has provided me with the knowledge of different models I could use, whereas before I may have struggled to know what to do”


“The support given from Ellie and Elliot is beyond what I have received in my previous apprenticeship, it is a breath of fresh air to know that they are both there to support and help me when needed”


“The classroom days were awesome. The trainers are so passionate, and I felt very comfortable to take part in all sessions. The support was always there at the end of the telephone or email and nothing was ever a “stupid” question”


“I loved the course and the subjects, the teachers and the resources at Jarrold training were amazing, if I wanted help you were always there. The classroom days where highly enjoyable which is saying something because I hated school!! You treated us all fairly and despite my difficulties with my dyslexia, I never felt awkward or embarrassed like I did when I was at school, in fact I always felt I could be myself and be honest when I needed help. The sessions where so well-tailored for us as students which was amazing, everyone at Jarrold training is amazing and helpful! Ellie and Elliot are an amazing teaching duo and I loved being their student!”


We would like to commend the group for their hard work and commitment in achieving these substantial qualifications, plus for their personal development as effective and confident managers and we wish them every success in their future careers!

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