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Elliot Symonds

Business Development & Management Trainer

Elliot has over 20 years commercial experience in the FMCG and Engineering sectors, working in the UK and US and is also a highly qualified and experienced trainer. He holds a Masters in English and post graduate qualifications in Management from Ashridge and also Adult Education from the UEA. In his combined role of business development and training, he fully employs his breadth of skills and expertise. He is passionately inquisitive about what makes a business tick, and has formed strong relationships with many client organisations.

He is a Insights Discovery License Practitioner, our lead ILM assessor, and also delivers our ILM Leadership & Management training as well as Sales, Presentation & Train the Trainer courses. He is an energetic and challenging coach who cares deeply about the learner’s journey.

Elliot is on the Insights Discovery® wheel and is rather passionate about board games and auctions.

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