Social Media Law and Legal Issues

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Are you aware of the legal implications that social media could potentially have on your business?

It's important to be aware of the law when using social media. We've seen many cases where businesses have unintentionally implicated themselves, from copyright claims to personal tweets going out on a business account.  New rules and regulations are being implemented all the time and it is important if you have a large online presence that you understand these rules.

Our Social Media and Legal Issues course is aimed at businesses who already have established social media channels and an overall online presence. It would be beneficial for the person who takes responsibility for the social media policy, signs off any content and plans what is to be posted out.

This course is run in association with SocialB, an award winning social media company who will help you understand the legalities of hosting competitions, using copyrighted material and protecting your business from the potential risks associated with using social media. 

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