Business Drive

BusinessDrive® is a transformative management development programme, designed to make a positive impact at the business, team, and individual levels.

It is for businesses that are:

  • In a state of Recovery
  • Ready or need to Change
  • Set for Growth
  • Preparing for Exit


Delivered over 4 months, BusinessDrive is an alternative way to spend your learning and development budget and create lasting value for the business.

Often referred to as a mini-MBA type experience. BusinessDrive is built on a proven structure and methodology. It achieves results by bringing your team together and creating space for them to work on the business while equipping them to work in the business on priority projects.


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  • Data collection and analysis, enabling the identification of priority business projects
  • Before and after measurement so you can see the impact
  • Learning and development workshops and provision of tools your team apply back in the business
  • Access to a community of facilitators, trainers, and coaches
  • Optional modules designed to address most of the challenges businesses face today



  • Addresses real needs in your business
  • Superior learning transfer compared to standard management training
  • Team and individual development delivered in four months
  • Underpinned with learning recognised by the Institute of Leadership and Management
  • Attracts some funding*


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