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Is Insights Discovery only for WEIRD people?

Mon 17 Jun 2019

I have just finished my first week at Jarrold Training as a temporary worker in administration. It didn’t take long to understand how welcoming and engaging this company is. On my second day, I started to hear a lot of talking about colours – and...

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ILM assignment joy

Tue 1 Aug 2017 is probably not the most associated set of words. ILM, assignment and joy...but that is very much what I felt when marking a paper today. Here at Jarrold Training we are an awarding centre at both ILM level 3 and ILM level 5 for...

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What’s the Excel 1900 or 1904 Date System?

Mon 22 Aug 2016

An interesting question came into us the other following a course. It was regarding Excel and the 1904 Date System. One of the subjects we cover on our courses is the importance of entering dates in an acceptable form when adding them into a cell....

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