Humans vs Animals

Humans share many traits with animals, but there is one behavioural aspect where we undoubtedly have the edge and that is our ability to adapt. Our friends at a well-known zoological society in the East of England are a particularly good source of examples that illustrate this.

Previously a management technique taught on our Forefront management course was applied successfully to the process of moving a giraffe. While, a recently submitted ILM essay on adapting behaviour when dealing with different people threw up another example, this time concerning a 400 lb gorilla.

Quantifying behaviours

All of our management courses involve completing a short questionnaire (Insights Profile) which helps us quantify, and delegates understand our basic behavioural tendencies. These behaviours are represented by four colours which we all possess, but in different mixes. Once these behaviours are understood we can recognise them in others and modify our behaviours to achieve better outcomes.

While it is an over simplification, we can talk of people being a particular colour, like yellow, blue, green or red. Now red is on the assertive end of the extrovert spectrum and the delegate makes the point that…

Behaviour adaptation

If you have to go in and handle a situation with a 400 lb gorilla it might be a good idea to adapt your style, from less red energy to more green energy, because believe it or not, if you have to negotiate with a large male gorilla a bold red assertive technique is not going to work. You need to become more green because there is no way on this earth you are going to be able to bully a gorilla.

A good point well-made we thought, and we’re not going to argue with the delegate or the gorilla.

Behaviours and sometimes adapting our own is important to be successful in the human world (as well as the animal one) and we run many courses that cover the different aspects. However, in all honesty it’s easier to talk about this than to write, so if learning more about behaviour interests you please call us on 01603 677107 and ask for Elliot.

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