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Visio Introduction - 2010 / 2013

Microsoft Visio

Next available Norwich date: 28 February 2017
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Course Aims:

This course is designed to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills needed to create drawings in Microsoft Visio.

In particular, delegates will learn how to use stencils to create drawings and work with shapes, text and connectors to create various drawings including flowcharts, office layouts, project timelines and organisation charts.  Delegates will also learn how to print drawings, copy them to different pages and other applications and save them as web pages.

Assumed Knowledge:

Delegates should have a basic familiarity with PCs, Windows, use of a keyboard and mouse. Experience of using a Windows based application such as word processing would be advantageous.


Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013

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Great as a refresher course after 5 years!
The Forum Trust Ltd - Dec 2015

Training Day Details

In-Company Training

This course is also available as in-company training. Please contact us for more details.

Profile Outline:


Course Introduction

  • Starting Visio
  • The Visio screen and Ribbon interface
  • The Quick Access Toolbar

Creating a Drawing

  • Templates, stencils & drawings
  • Choosing a template
  • Adding shapes from a stencil
  • Quick Shapes
  • Saving a drawing
  • Opening & closing a drawing

Working with Shapes

  • Selecting shapes
  • Grouping shapes
  • Deleting shapes
  • Using shape handles
  • Moving & sizing shapes
  • Copying shapes
  • Formatting shapes
  • Format Painter
  • Shape operations


Working with Text

  • Adding text to a shape
  • Adding independent text
  • Deleting text
  • Formatting text

Manipulating Shapes

  • Aligning shapes
  • Distributing shapes
  • Grid & guides
  • Rotating shapes
  • Flipping shapes
  • Ordering shapes
  • Layering
  • Grouping shapes

Connecting Shapes

  • Using the Autoconnect facility
  • Using the connector tool
  • Connecting shapes on the page
  • Connecting shapes as you drag
  • Deleting connectors
  • Moving connectors
  • Adding text to connectors

Working with Pages

  • Adding & deleting pages
  • Foregrounds & backgrounds
  • Borders & titles
  • Using Themes

Copying Drawings

  • To other pages
  • To other applications

Print & Print Setup

  • Paper size & orientation
  • Print preview
  • Print


  • Flowcharts
  • Office layouts
  • Project timelines
  • Organisation charts

Web pages

  • Saving drawings as web pages







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Profile Details:
  • Price: £250.00
  • Duration: 1 day
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Norwich Dates:
  • 28 February 2017
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